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Standing in my kitchen waiting for my organic coffee to brew, my black fury angel kitty started to heavily lean on me as she rubbed back and forth against my lower legs.  Clearly she loves me, right?  So, I picked up the 13 pound little darling.  As I was holding her in my arms I have no idea what compelled her to leap – but leap she did – and in doing so she used my left hand for a spring-board.  The pain from her back claws digging into my skin was so horrific and shocking, it literally took my breath away as I dropped to my knees on my kitchen floor.  I burst into an out of control sob cry.  Whaaa!  This was not my finest moment.  Due to my Fibromyalgia, the intense sharp pains blasted through my arms and legs as if I were shot by an old Winchester Musket followed by a stab or two with an attached bayonet.  The thing is, no one even resembling Annie Oakley was any where in sight.  Here I am with a gash on the palm of my hand, yet, as I slowly got up to open my kitchen cupboard, the bottom of my feet throbbed as if I stepped on a couple of burning embers.  Opening my cupboard – tears and all – determined to take care of myself I grabbed an old box of Band-Aids.  Never before have I noticed the small print on the box, “You’re going to be just fine!”  Excuse me please – say that again.  I like the sound of that!

“You’re going to be just fine!”

And at the end of this one mighty and powerful sentence there was a dinky “TM” in capital letters.  Ok wait.  Band-Aids has a Trade Mark on the simple yet reassuring statement, “You’re going to be just fine!”?? 

Are you sure Mr. Band-Aid box?  I’m going to be just fine?  Because, swear to gawd, I feel like I was not only shot with a Winchester, and harpooned with a rusty bayonet, now I was also being electrocuted with a stun-gun.  Annie Oakley, an army guy from the late 1800’s AND a modern-day cop were all in my kitchen waiting to see who would join the party next.  Perhaps Gunga Din will use his goatskin water-bag to pour a little water on me to screw with the electric current pulsating through me?

Mr. Band-Aid box spoke to me again,  “You’re going to be just fine!”.

But my body feels bruised and beat up.  My spirit crushed and disappointed.

“You’re going to be just fine!” 

My health challenges continue to be brutal and relentless.   But I know I am not alone – how could I be when I have a kitchen full of such colorful visitors?!  My body is weary, but my spirit can continue to stay connected to hope and creativity.  I am incredibly grateful for my simple life, a roof over my head & a comfortable bed.

There is always a solution my friends – because there is always imagination as well as hope. . .

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