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1) I’m extra grateful that I’ve started reading The Artist’s Way, Creativity as a Spiritual Practice, by Julia Cameron. This is my 2nd time following her 12 week journey to a deeper level of creativity.

2) I’m extra grateful that my home is a cozy and bright sanctuary with 8 windows and 4 sliding glass doors.

3) I’m extra grateful for my CD player that can play 5 CDs.  At this moment it holds: Chris Botti, Italia – Keith Jarrett, The Melody At Night, With You – Keali’i Reichel, Kawaipunahele -Dan Gibson’s  Solitudes, The Nature of The Grand Canyon with Music, and Alison Krauss, A Hundred Miles Or More.  Just press “shuffle” and I’m off to a kinder place where my soothing and gentle music can quiet my mind and soul from my relentless symptoms of Fibromyalgia and the fatigue and isolation that accompanies it.  **

4) I’m extra grateful for my neighbor Emma.  After school yesterday she came over to vacuum and help me with chores. (Her mom says Emma can help me twice a week!)

5) I’m extra grateful for today’s unexpected and much-needed rain.

6) As always, I’m extra grateful for the thoughtfulness of my creative life long friend D.D.  Plus she gave me flowers that she said were grown in “Whoville”.  I believe she is right!

7) I’m extra grateful I wrote my grateful list, because I believe I’m beginning to feel extra blessed now too.

** (A side note recommendation:  A Hundred Miles Or More contains the mystical heart-felt song My Ain True Love, which was written and performed by Sting and Alison Krauss for the 2003 film Cold Mountain.  The DVD has a 2nd disc, Words and Music of Cold Mountain, a Royce Hall Special.  Half way through the captivating performance and readings from actors and other brilliant musicians, My Ain True Love is performed by Alison Krauss and Sting.  I must say that the 2 disc DVD has carried me through a few “staying at home all day sick days” and the side effects are better than any freakin’ meds I’ve had to take [and then stop taking].  If a DVD can grab my mind while the rest of me is uncomfortable, then it must be extra good and for that I am extra grateful!)


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